Hydro Exploitation provides a complete
service for vibration diagnostic solutions (measurements and analysis) on all
types of hydroelectric machines.

Vibration monitoring of hydroelectric units is an essential task to ensure safe operation and reliability of the units.
This monitoring makes it possible to determine
the evolution in the vibratory behaviour of a unit during its life cycle or after an overhaul. It ensures early detection of any abnormalities in the vibration fingerprint. The customer is provided with a detailed vibration diagnostic of the machine (machine balancing, alignment problem, etc.).


  • on-site inspection of the units, determination of appropriate measurement areas
  • preparation of the measurement equipment and preparation of the unit
  • visual inspection of the unit
  • on-site measurement under actual operating conditions (velocity sensors, proximity probes)
  • determination of vibration levels for all operating modes
  • analysis of the results and recommendations for operational considérations (spectrum, orbits, Bode diagram, polar plot, etc.)
  • oil film monitoring
  • balancing

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation’s specialists :

  • offer a complete vibration measurement service and have the required equipment at their disposal
  • have the know-how specifically required for this type of measurement for diagnostics and analysis
  • have considerable experience in the management of hydroelectric facilities : they therefore have a highly practical
  • global view of each situation
  • provide effective solutions for continuously monitoring the vibrations of the sets in operation

Client benefits

The owner of the hydroelectric facility has the benefit of :

  • a complete service from Switzerland’s very few experienced specialists
  • relevant information about the vibratory behaviour of the machines in operation
  • the assurance that its hydroelectric units are operating under optimal conditions
  • expert advice on any improvements to be made (alignment, balancing, etc.)

 Watch our film and discover our cutting-edge capabilities: use of the laser tracker, vibration control on a shaft line and performance measurement.

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