Underwater inspection enables owners of hydroelectric schemes to ascertain the state of the underwater parts of their projects (silting, disorder in the concrete and mechanic elements, etc.), by penetrating both depth and visibility.

This benefit applies to the following works :

  • dams
  • water outlets
  • water catchments
  • galleries

Underwater inspection includes the provision of pictures and films, analysis of collected information, as well as recommendations of measures to be taken.


    • consultation of archives and establishing of records
    • resolving of objectives with the client
    • feasibility study of the inspection
    • underwater robot inspection
    • production of pictures and films
    • inventory from archive data and present-day pictures
    • measurement and gauging
    • analysis of results (using HYDRO Exploitation technical support)
    • propositions and recommendations according to results of analyses
    • drawing up of a technically documented report

    Specific skills

    In the framework of this service, HYDRO Exploitation provides the following for its clients :

    • the bringing together, under one roof, of engineering competence and expertise providing a finished product
    • materials and a team of experts dedicated to underwater inspection

    Client benefits

    • no negative influence on production and storage of water: intervention can take place even if the reservoir is full
    • precise vision of the state of the works
    • no depth limit
    • intervention in zero visibility and independent of meteorological conditions
    • very brief intervention time
    • low costs compared to classical interventions

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