Commissioning coordination

Our specialised engineers' experience guarantees a well-planned commissioning process, thus ensuring the safety of the facility owner's personnel and property at all times.

During the construction or renovation of a hydroelectric facility, a full commissioning of each piece of equipment and of the whole must be carried out in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the new installations.


The methodology described below ensures efficient management and traceability of difficulties encountered during the commissioning process.

  • Define and plan activities with stakeholders and in accordance with specifications and guarantees agreed with suppliers.
  • Set test procedures and schedule for each trial.
  • Check the transition between the assembly and commissioning phases.
  • Oversee commissioning tests and coordinate participants.
  • Coordinate and plan energy and water management.
  • Manage schedule changes due to problems encountered and external constraints.
  • Check and verify tests through technical or expert support.
  • Communicate daily with all partners involved in the project.
  • Establish list of open items at the end of the commissioning phase.
  • Prepare a commissioning report.

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation has multidisciplinary engineers specialised in the commissioning of hydroelectric installations of all types - storage, water flow, pumping, turbine pumping - and at all powers, from mini-hydraulics to machinery of several hundred MW. This wide range of skills make HYDRO Exploitation a reliable partner for the coordination of the commissioning of hydroelectric installations.

Client benefits

Clients that choose this service benefit from:

  • experienced and multi-skilled engineers to ensure safe commissioning
  • ongoing support from an office of multidisciplinary engineers
  • HYDRO Exploitation's independence from suppliers
  • the future operation of the facility viewed from the operator's perspective

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