Geodetic measurements determine the absolute three-dimensional movements of reference points on a dam or any other structure. In other words, they make it possible to evaluate and monitor...
Auscultation of civil engineering works
The auscultation of civil engineering works allows the owners of electricity generating facilities to assess the viability of their installations, as well as...
Multibeam and single beam bathymetry
Bathymetry enables topographic measurements to be taken of submerged areas of lakes, réservoirs and watercourses.
Dam monitoring
The objective of dam monitoring is to prevent long-term dam deterioration and to ensure dam safety. The Swiss concept for monitoring dams provides for 4 levels of monitoring.
Evacuation of accumulated sediment by pumping
With time, sediment accumulating in water storage points (dykes, dams, high altitude intakes, etc.) may obstruct water intakes, deep sluice gates and...
Management of sediment - Global Analysis
Solid material (SM) transported by water collected for the production of hydroelectricity has a negative impact on the exploitation of these facilities.
Management of sediment - Characterisation of Material in Suspension
The physical characteristics of transported Material in Suspension (M.E.S.) and its concentration govern the sedimentation mode of...
Formation Barragistes
Ce cours fournit aux barragistes les bases et les connaissances les plus actuelles pour exercer leur activité.
Monitoring for sustainable water resources management
Hydraulic engineering and automation are among our high added-value services. They contribute to environmental monitoring and sustainable water...
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