The physical characteristics of transported Material in Suspension (M.E.S.) and its concentration govern the sedimentation mode of basins and the speed of turbine abrasion.

To assist the latest technology in material analysis, the M.E.S present in water, its concentration and grading can be analysed continuously. The spatial distribution of speeds and M.E.S in a complete section can be known by using acoustic Doppler measures (ADCP).

Monitoring of these observations enables sedimentary spate to be characterised, and following applications, wear and tear of machines from abrasion to be minimised, silting of dams to be limited and legal dispositions concerning dilution to be respected.


  • monitoring of turbidity and M.E.S concentration
  • in-situ and laboratory analyses of the grading distribution of solid material by laser diffraction (LISST)
  • measurement of speed distribution and M.E.S in the complete section of a profile
  • establishment of depth-flow curves
  • automatic sampling of water, following or caused by an « event »
  • deep sampling of deposited sediments
  • design and concept of monitoring of local or global M.E.S on site

Specific skills

The HYDRO Exploitation SA Department of Expertise & Development provides the following specific skills :

  • expertise in the latest acoustic and laser instrument technology
  • innovation in measurement procedure
  • interpretation of results, relying on long and wide experience advice and recommendation concerning exploitation in relation to wear and tear by abrasion and silting
  • an experienced and multi-disciplinary team

Client benefits

The owner of a hydroelectric development has to ensure the working of his structure in the long term. He may also :

  • limit silting in reservoirs during exceptional events
  • minimise wear and tear of mechanical parts by abrasion
  • benefit from an analysis and concrete solutions related to M.E.S transport
  • have at his disposal vital results with a view to a more global analysis
  • contact a single representative for a global view

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