Hydroteck Control is a compact solution permitting the automatic and manual control of a small hydroelectric unit while ensuring the safety of the facility.

The controls, the start and stop sequences, the human-machine interface, the turbine governor and voltage regulator as well as the electrical and mechanical protection systems are included in this package.


  • global study, functional analysis, electrical schematics
  • design of the protection systems (redundant or by loss of voltage)
  • simulation of the turbine dynamics and the governor system with Matlab
  • software programming on Schneider or Siemens PLC’s
  • turbine regulating modes : opening, speed, power, frequency, level and flow control
  • voltage regulating modes : reactive power control power factor control with limiters PQ, stator current, over and under voltage and V/Hz
  • electrical protection functions : overcurrent, thermal, asymmetry, over/under voltage, over/under frequency
  • commissioning using procedures and check lists ensuring the safety of the facility and individuals

Specific skills

Hydro Exploitation specialists :

  • have an in-depth knowledge of the unit control and hydraulic turbine governor systems
  • possess solid experience and practical know-how in hydroelectric facility automation
  • make recommendations to customers based on industry expertise
  • hold multidisciplinary qualifications from either a high level technical school or a university
  • guarantee the adaptable and customisable integration of the control system and communication networks within a facility
  • are constantly adapting to new technology

Client benefits

The owner of the hydroelectric facility benefits from :

  • seamlessly integrated, reliable and comprehensive control system for a small hydraulic facility
  • flexible and adaptable control system meeting all requirements
  • protection features based on HYDRO Exploitation’s many years of experience in the domain
  • high performance, low maintenance
  • compact and affordable solution

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