Medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) electrical installations age over time and must be replaced before they become faulty and cause major breakdown.

MV installations and LV installations, also known as "internal services" (IS), must ensure power to the facilities they supply. There are several possible options to supply power: one coming from two separate networks with automatic switching; the installation of an auxiliary group or emergency generator; securing a direct current power supply using batteries with an uninterrupted power supply.


  • definition of the scope of work and suppliers
  • dimensions of the installations
  • development of screed and detail network schemes if required (Eplan – Elcad)
  • monitoring the manufacture of MV or LV cabinets and the tests in the workshop
  • installation of LV or MV cabinets and commissioning of installations
  • Preparation of a final documentation containing the test protocols, the diagrams, the operating and maintenance instructions for the installation

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation has electrical engineers and specialist manufacturers in the field of MV and LV. Hydropower plants and substations are of great importance for the supply of electricity to the Swiss electricity grid, and must be reliable.
Thanks to several years of experience in this field, HYDRO Exploitation is able to set up complex and highly secure installations, to minimise substation or power plant downtimes for the replacement of Sis.
Each phase of the project (SIA 2 to SIA 5.3) can be carried out by HYDRO Exploitation. However, they can also carry out just one specific service.

Client benefits

Clients who choose this service benefit from:

  • a personalised service
  • the choice between a turnkey solution or part of the work
  • expertise in complex and highly secure power systems
  • the experience of an operator who manages similar facilities

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