The experts in our laboratory officially certified according to ISO/CEI 17025, analyse the insulating oils in the transformers and measuring equipment. They carry out physical and chemical analyses on the oils, examine their dissolved gas content and search for furan components. They then use the results to determine, together with our electrical engineers, the condition of the mechanism and estimate its service life.

  • samples taken from the site (on request) in accordance with specific procedures, option for training to conduct sampling independently.
  • analysis.
  • submission of a report including results and recommendations.
  • management of results in a database.
  • drawing up a maintenance schedule and/or schedule for taking over management of the analyses.


  • samples taken from the site on request in accordance with specific procedures/training for independent sampling
  • analysis work
  • preparation and submission of a report containing results and recommendations
  • archiving in a database
  • preparation of a maintenance plan and/or processing of the analyses (on request)

Specific skills

The expertise at HYDRO Exploitation is based the experience acquired operating transformers in our plants and over 30 years of experience in interpreting the results from analyses.
Our laboratory is a key player in the analysis of insulating oil samples from electrical installations used in the production and distribution of energy.

Client benefits

Our client benefits from the following advantages :

  • direct contact with specialists who are in short supply in Switzerland.
  • a flexible and quick service, used to the work involved in operating plants, with the option of carrying out an analysis directly on site.
  • HYDRO Exploitation’s autonomy with regard to transformer suppliers.
  • the chance to introduce preventive maintenance with the support of our electrical engineers.

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