Since 2007 and its set-up at the Martigny site, this Workshop has brought together all of our machining skills under one roof. Its sole purpose is to manufacture various parts to support the servicing of mechanical components and spare parts. Thanks to its constant expansion, in particular with the acquisition of the new CORREA machining centre facilitating dimensions unique in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, we are able to fulfil the many demands of different clients.


  • recommendations and analysis of options in collaboration with mechanical engineers
  • costed proposal
  • purchase of material
  • manufacture of the part
  • final checks, NDT and/or dimensional checks.

Specific skills

The specialists at HYDRO Exploitation draw on a vast amount of experience in the area of maintenance and in particular their knowledge of hydroelectric installations.
The complex geometry of some parts makes dimensional checks more complicated. Our FARO arm with touch probe or laser ScanArm ensure the exceptional speed and accuracy of measurements.

Client benefits

Our client benefits from the following advantages:

  • flexible and quick reaction in the event of a problem in a plant
  • precise and meticulous manufacturing of parts
  • support and advice from the engineers at HYDRO Exploitation for specific services
  • state-of-the-art machining centre for large parts

Our engineers, experienced in the field of machining, safeguard and develop specific know-how, which is increasingly rare in Switzerland.

    The machine stock consists of :

    CNC Vertical lathes

    CNC Gamberoni vertical lathes Ø 2’630 mm 

    CNC DOOSAN vertical lathes Ø 1’600 mm 

    CNC Milling machines

    CNC MTE milling machine, 3’000 x 1’200 x 1’500 mm 

    CNC CORREA AXIA 70 milling machine, 7000 x 1500 x 2500 mm 

    CNC Fehlmann Picomax 56 TOP milling machine

    CNC Turning lathes

    Masturn parallel cycle-controlled lathe, bed 3 m Ø max 820 mm

    2 Masturn parallel cycle-controlled lathes, bed 2 m Ø max 820 mm

    DOOSAN LYNX 220LM CNC lathes with inclined bed with C axis

    Conventional Machines

    Colchester Triumph VS2100 lathe

    Emcomat 20 D parallel lathe

    Schaublin 125 lathes

    Pedersen VPU 930 CNC -controlled milling machine

    EMCO FB-450L milling machine

    EMCO FB-4 milling machine

    Caser/Lodifex radial drilling machine

    2 Fehlmann Picomax drilling machines (P20-2010 / P20-2015)

    Sermac pillar drill

    CHEVALIER FSG-2040 AD III surface grinder

    Measuring and inspection appartus

    4 3D FARO 1.2m/2.4m/3.7m measurement arm with laser scanner

    Magnetic particle testing

    Ultrasound testing

    Penetrant testing

    Additional services
    Virtual Tour of Central Workshops
    All manner of resources and expertise under one roof! Join a virtual tour to explore our Central Workshops in Martigny.
    Central workshops: a new milling centre, unique in French-speaking Switzerland
    Commissioning of our new CORREA AXIA 70 milling centre in our machining workshop, to take place soon, will open up a new era for HYDRO Exploitation. This equipment is unique in French-speaking Switzerland. By adding it to our stock of machines we are increasing our versatility and our production capacity.
    Servicing of mechanical components
    Servicing the mechanical components is an integral part of operating a hydroelectric plant and the work is carried out at the intervals specified in the owner’s maintenance schedules. This service focuses on the inspection of large-diameter safety equipment, such as globe valves, butterfly valves, injectors, pumps and Francis turbines. Multiple skills are required and they permit the complete servicing of safety equipment according to the supplier’s requirements.
    Renovation of wheels
    This Workshop brings together all the skills previously sourced from the former Alp Hydro facilities at Chippis and the Grande Dixence workshops of Les Haudères and Z’Mutt under one roof at Martigny. Our colleagues provide all the services needed to maintain and service impellers and turbine wheels (Francis, Pelton, Kaplan), as well as their component parts, whatever their dimensions. This work is carried out in Martigny, but can also be done on site, for example, for polishing a turbine wheel.
    Non-destructive testing (NDT)
    Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used to verify that there are no internal defects, more specifically, cracks, in equipment and machines, without altering them.
    Fast and non-destructive analysis of metals and their alloys
    The x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) analysis of metals and their alloys provides an exact breakdown of the different elements contained in a sample without altering it. The procedure can be applied to all clean and accessible surfaces, and even eliminate the need to dismantle the components in certain cases.
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