The hydroelectric units must operate at maximum performance in order to ensure the plant is running at peak profitability. Measuring the thermodynamics quantifies the performance of the plant in terms of its efficiency, flow and power by recording, with the greatest accuracy possible, the heating of the flow through the turbine.

HYDRO Exploitation offers this high value-added service Firstly, the thermodynamics are measured to validate the performance guarantees made by the turbine supplier to determine if a new installation is required or if the existing one needs to be refurbished. Secondly, the plant owner may want to know how an installation is performing at any given time, especially within the context of an optimisation study of his assets. Lastly, thermodynamic measurements can be used to verify whether the wear and tear by sediments in the water, cavitation erosion or any other type of deterioration has adversely impacted the performance of a hydroelectric unit.


  • on-site inspection of the unit and determining the appropriate method for taking the measurements
  • preparing the measuring equipment and measurement program
  • measurement on site under live operating conditions
  • determining the efficiency and flow for a set of operating modes
  • analysis of the results and recommendations for operational modifications.

Specific skills

The specialists at HYDRO Exploitation provide :

  • highly skilled services in the areas of measurement and hydraulic machines
  • high-performance measuring equipment (e.g. accuracy of the temperature sensor +/- 0.001°)
  • know-how built on experience acquired over the course of numerous measurement projects on any type of installation.
  • proven experience in managing hydroelectric plants arming them with a comprehensive and accurate view of each situation.

Client benefits

The owner of the hydroelectric plant benefits
from :

  • an all-inclusive service provided by specialists, of which there are not many in Switzerland
  • relevant information about the performance of the machines used to optimally manage his installations.

Watch our film and discover our cutting-edge capabilities: use of the laser tracker, vibration control on a shaft line and performance measurement.

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