Overhaul of the valve and alternator

Called out to an EDF plant in the French Alps, our assembly team once again demonstrated its expertise in on-site work.

The assembly team sub-contracted by HYDRO Exploitation completed a mandate for EDF Hydro, the first hydraulic engineers in the EU, at the Bonnevaux power plant located in the French Alps. What was the mission? To remove and overhaul the foot valve and alternator. But, to reach the latter, the mechanical part (turbine) had to be dismantled, and the rotor had to be separated from the stator. 

Asbestos cleanup and anti-corrosion treatment

Our specialists carried out numerous on-site tasks for this mandate, in particular the dismantling of the components, numerous measurements on the condition of the turbine before it was dismantled, and various repairs. One of our partners also carried out an asbestos cleanup and anti-corrosion treatment on the penstock section located in the plant, as ordered by the client, within a very short space of time.

Butterfly valve tested in the workshop

In contrast, certain parts were transported to our Central Workshops in Martigny where they were overhauled. This included the butterfly valve, an original piece, which underwent corrective maintenance within a very short time. Our specialists performed pragmatic solutions in order to restore it to full working order. Working together with the client, the valve and the cylinder rod were both tested in the workshop before being taken back to the plant to be reinstalled.

Our team then reinstalled the foot valve, alternator and various mechanical elements. It also assisted in the trials before and after the installation was refilled with water.

The on-site work is always very sensitive, as new solutions must always be identified, usually extremely quickly, so as to avoid any negative repercussions. Accustomed to taking on and mastering this kind of challenge, our assembly team is now known for its expertise and high-quality work. As was the case again this time. 

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