Mechanical measurement: we offer cutting-edge capability

In order to ensure the long-term durability of hydroelectric plants, while aiming to improve their performance, HYDRO Exploitation has developed cutting-edge mechanical measurement capability. Here are some examples.

The performance of a machine is very accurately identified by measuring the heating of water as it passes through a pump or turbine (thermodynamic method). We have recently acquired new sensors to reduce uncertainty in the measurement of performance. We wish to highlight the high degree of precision of the new temperature gauges, at 0.001°C.

Flow can either be deduced using the thermodynamic method or measured directly with ultrasound equipment or current meters. The accuracy of the sensors (pressure: 0.1%, electric power: 0.1%) also enables reliable measurement of transient phenomena in the plants, so allowing high safety levels to be maintained.

 To ensure the safety of staff and equipment, the vibrations of the hydroelectric sets are monitored by proximity sensors, vibration speed sensors and accelerometers installed on the shaft line, protecting the machines in the event that a predetermined vibration threshold is exceeded. Using their portable acquisition equipment, our staff also carry out balancing operations and complete diagnostics of machines.

Finally we can measure dimensions rapidly on site using portable devices. The laser tracker is precise to 0.07mm at a distance of 10m, while the 3D measuring arm guarantees 0.06 - 0.12mm precision on a 3.7m part.

HYDRO Exploitation now stands out through its ability to deploy necessary equipment, adapted to most measurement requirements for hydropower machinery, rapidly and easily on-site.


Watch our film and discover our cutting-edge capabilities: use of the laser tracker, vibration control on a shaft line and performance measurement.

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