Measurements and electrical assessments

HYDRO exploitation is an expert in the maintenance of hydroelectric plants. To underpin its work, several diagnostic measures have been put in place so that analyses and checks of major electrical components can be carried out independently and in doing so, prevent malfunctions and faults.

The results from the diagnostics underwrite the operational safety of our clients’ plants while minimising maintenance costs (predictive maintenance).

  • Diagnostics of electric machines (DiamHEX): to determine the condition of the insulation of the alternators and high and low-voltage motors.
  • Diagnostics of transformers (DiatHEX): complements the oil analyses carried out in our laboratory to determine the condition of the insulated oil-filled transformers. We are also able to measure dry-type transformers.
  • Diagnostics of electrical substations (DiapHEX): our measuring equipment test all the HV and MV devices in the substation to determine their state of repair.
  • Testing electrical protection schemes: electrical injection testing, with current and voltage inputs, allows our experts to make sure the respective safety device is operating correctly.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired in recent years and the size of the machine park at HYDRO Exploitation’s disposal, we are able to make assessments on the most important electrical elements in all types of installations. Thanks to our flexibility and skills and the large number of employees trained in these systems, we are able to offer these services to all of our clients.

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