Laser tracker: flexibility and precision

Thanks to a high-performance tool, surveyors at HYDRO Exploitation have been providing highly accurate measurements and testing procedures for ten years. Not only in plants but for the food, railway and aerospace industries as well.

Is it possible to find a simple way to reliably measure very large parts? Yes, thanks to the laser tracker from Leica and metrology specialists at HYDRO Exploitation who have been using it for ten years. This high-performance tool is used during the servicing of plants, when the machines need to be assembled, in order to position the axis of the turbine and alternator units with the utmost precision. 


Accurate to one hundredth of a millimetre

The skills of HYDRO Exploitation’s teams are also helpful in other industries: hydroelectricity, aerospace, metallurgy, food and railway construction. Mounted on a portable and flexible tripod, the laser tracker is able to take three-dimensional measurements of very large components in the very place they are installed or manufactured, such as here at Meili Technology SA. This solution helps saving significant transport costs. 


Furthermore, it also measures with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre, leaving no doubt as to the conformity of the geometry with the specifications of the end client.

Finally, thanks to the surveyors who, after many years, are used to working with this device in a whole variety of fields, HYDRO Exploitation can support demanding customers in defining their objectives, recording reliable measurements, processing data efficiently, and providing a high-quality procedure.

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