With time, sediment accumulating in water storage points (dykes, dams, high altitude intakes, etc.) may obstruct water intakes, deep sluice gates and main sluices.

Its presence can also cause a loss of the volume of accumulated water. Such problems compel harnessing operators to evacuate sediment punctually and regularly. In certain cases, traditional periodic purging is insufficient.
Therefore, evacuation of sediments by pumping is necessary.


  • definition of the mandate and the client’s objectives
  • study of the overall hydrological situation of the site
  • carrying out of an initial bathymetry in order to quantify the volume of accumulated sediment
  • definition of a strategy to execute pumping, particularly to determine the stages and exact zones of pumping
  • implementation of one or several SMART-LIGHT or HMS pumping platforms equipped with ~400 m3 TOYO pumps capable of pumping to depths of 120 metres.
  • installation on the lake of floating backflow pipelines and floating electric cables
  • possible installation of a filter and / or mud etc. separation plant
  • placing sampling apparatus to measure the sediment pumped
  • management of the dilution of sediment deposited in the river in collaboration with the works staff
  • carrying out of a final bathymetry in order to quantify the volume of sediment pumped out
  • drawing up of a detailed final report

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation specialists :

  • propose a thorough provision of « sediment management » and have all the necessary pumping equipment at their disposal
  • possess considerable experience in the management of hydroelectric works and water storage : therefore, they have a global and realistic vision of each situation

Client benefits

The hydroelectric installation operator benefits :

  • from an innovative contribution managed by experienced specialists of a type few in number in Switzerland
  • from a form of sediment management which will not affect his operations
  • from a global management of the situation thanks to a unique individual who will bring together all the necessary expertise

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