FMV entrusts us with the operation of its new hydropower facility

In 2018, FMV SA entrusted the operation and maintenance of its new Gletsch-Oberwald hydropower facility to HYDRO Exploitation.

This power plant which was built between 2015 and 2017 and started its commercial operation on 2 January 2018 according to schedule, aims to make optimum use of the existing energy potential of the Upper Rhone. The facility is largely underground and consists of the water intake at Gletsch, the sand trap and an armoured tunnel (Ø 3.9 m, inclination 13%, length 2.2 km), together with the cavern plant at Oberwald. Two Pelton vertical axis machine groups have been installed in the power plant. 



Two questions to Raoul Albrecht,Heas of production, member of the FMV management

Mr Albrecht, you entrusted operation and maintenance of the facility to HYDRO Exploitation. Why did you do that?

HYDRO Exploitation is already responsible for operation and maintenance of other power plants managed by FMV in the region. Quite apart from their familiarity with the local context, the HYDRO Exploitation staff has a large experience and the necessary skills. That creates synergies on both sides.

How do you judge the cooperation?

The FMV have already been cooperating with HYDRO Exploitation for several years. The understanding of the roles between client and supplier has developed well. Pertinent exchanges between the appropriate services permit effective execution, continuous improvements, that is why we intend to continue to work with HYDRO Exploitation in this way.



  • Flow rate at facility: 5.7 m³/s
  • Drop height: 288 m
  • Installed power: 14 MW
  • Energy production: 41 GWh
  • Total cost: CHF 67 million
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