Electricité de la Lienne: replacement of the group electrical protections

Energie Sion-Région SA (ESR), which operates the hydropower facility at La Lienne, chose us to replace the old electrical generator protections of the ABB REG216 type,
that had been brought into service in the nineties, by new ABB REG670 units.

The following services were provided:

  • detailed engineering, including block diagrams
  • ordering the protection relays
  • calculating the settings and programming the protection relays
  • commissioning the complete system

The implementation was completed over a two-year period, one group per power plant per year. ABB REG670 units were chosen because this relay provides the necessary degree of flexibility for the renewal of the existing protection cabinet. They were installed by ESR.

The expertise of HYDRO Exploitation and excellent cooperation with ESR contributed to close the project to the client’s entire satisfaction, respecting costs and delays.


Situated in central Valais, the Lienne SA hydropower facility uses the waters of the Lienne, a river which has its source at Rawyl col and flows into the Rhône near St-Léonard.

The facility at La Lienne comprises the Tseuzier barrage and two main power plants:

  • the first level with the Croix power plant, comprising 2 machine groups   with each 39 MVA installed
  • the second level with the St-Léonard power plant, comprising 2 machine groups  with each 21.5 MVA installed

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