Modelling a power plant's main electrical components makes the simulation of electrical transients possible in order to identify the cause of an incident.

It also facilitates decision-making during the study of alternatives for rehabilitation.

Electrical transient simulation is a valuable tool. The modelling of a hydroelectric power plant's main electrical components offers many possibilities:

  • reproducing various types of electrical faults in order to identify the cause of an incident that occurred during operation
  • evaluating a machine's capacity to withstand electrical transients, such as FRT (Fault Ride Through), as specified in the Transmission Code
  • validating the feasibility of alternatives as part of a renovation study
  • verifying characteristics indicated by suppliers during a tender procedure.


  • define the study's scope and objectives
  • establish various simulation scenarios
  • gather the parameters and characteristics of the components to be modelled
  • model the layout in the SIMSEN software package
  • validate the model by comparing measurements, if available
  • simulate predefined scenarios and analysing results
  • prepare a study report

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation has electrical engineers who are specialised in various fields such as electrical machinery, processors, electrical protection systems, and voltage regulation. This wide range of skills, combined with a proven mastery of SIMSEN simulation software, makes HYDRO Exploitation a reliable partner for carrying out electrical simulations.

Client benefits

Clients that choose this service benefit from:

  • a personalised service
  • support in fault analysis in the case of an electrical incident
  • the possibility of evaluating the stresses on a machine during an electrical transient (FRT, short-circuit, false synchronisation,...)
  • decision aids during renovation studies

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