3D scanning is a contactless measurement technology which enables data acquisition (point clouds) for the purpose of creating a solid model. Combined with a Faro measurement arm, it enables digitisation of large items (up to three metres) with precision of the order of ±100µm.

These services are available for the digitisation of all mechanical components, for the delivery of a layout with complete dimensions, or simply to obtain a digital file. The technique is particularly effective for items involving complex geometry (uneven surfaces or variable radius fillets). It is also in demand for the measurement of wear.


  • Definition of terms of reference, scope and objectives
  • Data acquisition
  • Processing
  • Verification of a digitised part compared to a theoretical CAD
  • Checking of component wear over time
  • Three dimensional inspection
  • Creation of an editable digital file (solid state)
  • Measurement protocol
  • Export of a file and/or creation of layouts
  • Changes to the component (structural engineering)

Specific skills

HYDRO Exploitation is able to respond to a wide range of requirements, to deliver work ranging from digitisation to reverse engineering and even dimensional control.

  • The work is carried out by experts in digitisation (technicians/mechanical engineers)
  • Our mechanical engineers may be involved in the analysis of results, for example providing calculations of technical modifications for each finished part or estimating remaining useful life.

Client benefits

  • Digitisation of complex parts
  • Option of acquisition on-site
  • Option of creating a 3D model and/or 3D plan of a used part
  • No need to provide a plan or measurements, just the part
  • Possibility of defining wear of a part over time
  • An innovative service delivered by experienced specialists
  • Technology/users rare in Switzerland
  • One point of contact throughout the service
  • A highly responsive service delivered across a large geographical area

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