Conformity with transmission Code 2019 (TC2019)

The transmission code (TC) is a document that defines the rules and technical requirements that must be observed by all parties playing a significant role in the transmission system (TS). HYDRO Exploitation has developed a specific tool that can quickly assess the technical conformity of the plants following a new edition of the TC released in 2019.

The concerned power plants are those connected directly to the 220/380 kV grids or those with a total power greater than 75 MW. In particular, the TC sets the suitability criteria for participation in the ancillary services as well as the minimum technical characteristics and operating ranges that need to be guaranteed.

Following the release of the new edition of this document in 2019, the operator of the TS, Swissgrid, asked the owners of the concerned power plants to report any non-coformities with the TC2019. After this, HYDRO Exploitation has been mandated to assess the technical conformity of one of its clients’ plants.

As part of these analyses, HYDRO Exploitation has developed a specific tool to represent the operating areas of the machines bases on the parameters programmed in their control and protection systems. A straightforward comparison with the ranges in the TC therefore suffices to assess the conformity of the machines according to the corresponding requirements.

The study of certain criteria, such as the transient stability in case of a three-phase short circuit (FRT), requires more advanced calculations and, in particular, simulations using the SIMSEN software.

The results of those analyses are ultimately compiled into a report for the client as well as a list for Swissgrid, showing the identified non-conformities.

HYDRO Exploitation has all the necessary tools to assess whether a power plant complies with the TC2019.



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